Why Attend?


– Demonstrate the importance of local content in the oil  and gas workforce and supply chain.
– Develop strategies to better align the activities of the education systems with that of the industry.
– Ensure skills are aligned with job needs.
– Interact with other governments and explore strategies for maximising local content.

Oil & Gas Industry

– Demonstrate your commitment to investing in local education institutions in front of hydrocarbon commissioners.
– Develop a better understanding of government policy and objectives in the industry.
– Engage in dialogue and collaboration with the private and public education and training community, to create a lasting improvement in the provision education for the oil and gas industry.
– Be amongst a marketplace of training providers capable of supporting the needs of the industry, to build partnerships and collaborate with all sections in our community.
– Exchange best practices, methods and approaches for creating a sustainable local talent pool for the countries of the Americas.

Education & Training

– Demonstrate your capabilities at the Americas only marketplace for education and training providers in the oil and gas industry.
– Create international partnerships for education and training to raise the standards of local education provision.
– Benchmark your services against other education and training providers.

Who Attends?

– Government Organisations – SENER, SEP, ANH, USAID, CNH, PEMEX, Ecopetrol, ANP, Petrobras, YPF, PDVSA, Petroecuador

– International Oil & Gas Community – BP, Exxon, Chevron, Shell, Occidental Petroleum, Hess, Marathon, Apache

– Service Companies – Schlumberger, Amec, Penspen, Baker Hughes, Halliburton

– National Education Institutions – UNAM, SEP

– International Education Community – SQA, IIE, IWCF, IHRDC, SPE