What's New for 2016?

Here is just a selection of what you can expect at Getenergy VTEC Americas 2016:

All of the Americas

The decision to move the 4th Americas meeting to Mexico City reflects our intention to encourage greater participation from Latin America. In addition to companies in the USA and Canada, we are engaging companies and governments from all major petroleum producing countries in Latin America to discuss the common need to develop education capacity.


The Mexican Energy Reform

The Mexican Energy Reform will be a major focus of Getenergy VTEC Americas 2016, as we look to address how government, industry and education can work together to develop education and workforce capacity for the growing hydrocarbons industry in Mexico.


More Attendees

Building upon the success of VTEC Americas 2015, this year’s event will look to engage 250+ leaders from government, industry and education from all across the Americas.


International partnerships for education

Getenergy’s VTEC Americas 2016 will have a greater focus on creating international education partnerships for the oil and gas industry especially with growth markets such as Colombia and Mexico looking to develop partnerships between local academic institutions and more established international universities and colleges.