What We Do

Networking formats and opportunities

Getenergy Americas operates with several rules to ensure that participants get the most out of the event, we have a highly interactive, no powerpoint, facilitated speaker programme that encourages as much discussion from the attendees as it does from the panelists. Everyone in the room has a voice!

Networking at the event is key, all networking takes place in the Learning Arena, an exhibition of 40 learning and training organisations, able to support operating companies in the Americas to develop the next generation of technically and vocationally trained workers.

Key themes

  • Adapting education and training strategies to the new oil price environment.
  • Understanding workforce and capacity development requirements in light of the Mexican Energy Reforms.
  • Developing capacity within education systems and training organisations for the Unconventional Oil & Gas sector.
  • Aligning vocational and technical education with the new needs of the industry.
  • Attracting the next generation of field ready technical workers within the oil & gas sector.
  • Creating partnerships for the development on higher education and research capacity across the Americas as a whole.
  • Assessing the uses of new technologies in the provision of education and training for the oil and gas workforce.
  • Evaluating methods for English language training within the context of oil and gas.