Getenergy is an excellent initiative to know the opinion of the different government representatives and private sector to know more about the changes in Mexico. Gustavo Romero, Country Manager Mexico, Penspen

It’s a very important event, good opportunity to share information with other institutions. Maria Elena Salazar, Director, CONALEP

I have enjoyed the networking possibilities and the ideas I get when I come to Getenergy Events. Manuel Leyva, Director Education, Oro Negro

Getenergy is an excellent opportunity to reach out to the upcoming generations of workers. Rodrigo Nieto, Country Manager, Falck Services Mexico

It has been valuable in making connections with the different universities, ministers and other sponsoring bodies that have potential. Charlotte Eaton, International Officer, Coventry University

There is a large focus in workforce development. It is always good to hear industry, regionals, education needs. David Hirsch , PresidentSystran

This is a very good and focused events met with several organisations and made contacts with the right people. Eduardo Jimenez, Project Manager Latin America and Caribbean, NAIT

Very educative with deep understanding of local capacity development. Emmy Salewi, Director, Norplant