Carlos is responsible for the research agenda and training of human resources of the Energy Sector in Mexico. Prior to joining the Department of Energy, Carlos worked as a consultant in the development of energy strategy and urban development Cornfields Arroyo Seco in Los Angeles California, Hunters Point in San Francisco CA and several cogeneration projects in Mexico and the United States.Since 2009 Carlos has been involved with the Funds for Research and Technological Development of the Mexican Energy Sector giving consultancy agencies like Conacyt, Secretary of Energy, and collaborating with companies like Alliance Fiidem and Comimsa. In 2013 Carlos was appointed Director General of Information and Energy Studies SENER. In 2015 Carlos was appointed Director General of Research, Technological Development and Training of Human Resources, Ministry of Energy, a position he currently holds.Carlos is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of South Florida, and has studied Sustainability from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Graham Provost is the senior managing consultant for Simsci Simulation and Training, Industry Business with Schneider. He has 22 years of training, operations and maintenance experience, in­cluding 16 years of experience in training and instructional design in petroleum refining, chemical and power plants, and more. This includes 10 years in the Navy Nuclear Power Program as a supervi­sor, operator, and trainer, time in the cement and mining industry as an electrical maintenance manager and in waste energy as a shift supervisor. Provost has experi­ence in all facets of training curriculum design, develop­ment, and implementation for all types of training topics in various formats, including simulation and elearning. As a classroom instructor, he has presented numerous courses for operations, maintenance, and supervision, totaling thousands of hours of classroom presentation time. Provost is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Training program and has a B.S. in human re­source management from the Milano School of Man­agement and Urban Policy, New School University.

Germán’s  has  more  than  20  years  working  as  a  Human  Resources Specialist,   with   professional   experience   in   multinational companies  such  asRoche,  Xerox,  CBS,  Pearson  Educación andCarrefour. In each of these companies, he has been a member of the senior  management  teamin  Mexico.  During  his  career,  Germán  has held responsibilities in various countries in Latin America, such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. In June, 2012, he joined Shell Mexico in the role of Human Resources Manager until August 2017,

He is a member ofthe Board of the Mexican Association of Human Resources Management(Asociación Mexicana en Dirección de Recursos Humanos,  AMEDIRH), the President of   of  the  Oil  Industry  Human Resources  Association (Asociación  de  Recursos  Humanos  de  la Industria  Petrolera, ARHIP),  and  currently  leads  the  Human Resources Group of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

Jesús Alberto Almaguer Rocha is the Managing Director of the National Council for Standardization and Certification of Labor Competencies (CONOCER). In Nuevo Leon’s State Government, he was Director of the Modernization and Quality Program of the Government’s General Secretariat; Undersecretary of Social Development and Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education and Higher Education. In 2015 he was designated Secretary of State Education by the Governor. From May 2016 to date, he serves as Managing Director of CONOCER. Previously Alberto has held various positions in human and social development including General Comptroller at Juarez, Secretary of Human and Social Development, Secretary of Economic Development in Guadalupe, Undersecretary of Social Development and Undersecretary of Higher Secondary Education and Higher Education. Prior to his role as Managing Director of CONOCER he was also designated Secretary of State Education by the Governor.