William Waggoner

President / CEO
Mexican Petroleum Company

Since 1996, Will (a third generation oil man from the Permian Basin) has been actively involved in the Mexican energy sector when, as a young lawyer, he was commissioned to draft and negotiate a Bilateral Model Draft Treaty between the United States and Mexico focused on how the two countries would equitably share the  hydrocarbon resources situated along their common maritime boundary in the Gulf of Mexico; this work was ultimately used for the ratified treaty in 2012.  In 2008, Will began working on US-Mexico bilateral projects, i.e.CIEPs with U.S. service companies and Mexican energy industry leaders. Prior to that, he served as General Director of Trigg Oil and Gas, which managed, developed and operated oil & gas properties throughout New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana.  Will also served as the Exec. Dir. of The Independent Petroleum Association of New Mexico; responsible for drafting, negotiating and passing numerous Federal and State Laws benefiting the US Petroleum Industry.  Currently, he is the President/CEO of Mexico Petroleum Company, an international oil company focused on acquiring assets for the exploration, production and sale of oil and gas in Mexico. He holds a B.A. in Petroleum Management with emphasis in Petroleum Geology from the University of Oklahoma; and a JD from the University of New Mexico, emphasis in Natural Resources Law with an international emphasis received from Queens College, Oxford University.

William Waggoner will be speaking at:

Assessing the perceived risks for IOCs in investing in a localised oil and gas industry

2016/10/18 16:15 - 17:15

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