Susan Morrice

Belize Natural Energy

Susan was born and raised in Belfast Ireland, with a MoD degree in Geology from Trinity College Dublin

Susan is a founding member of Belize Natural Energy (BNE), International Natural Energy (INE), CHx Capital, and Xjet Worldwide. BNE has become a global oil industry beacon that has made a real difference in the Country of Belize. It was through Susan’s gift of exploration, and an understanding of the power of untapped human potential that she was able to find oil where it was believed by all of the Majors in the Oil industry that there was none. Not only did Susan and her BNE team find oil in Belize, they found it on the first well which is unheard of. BNE just celebrated twelve years of production and over eleven-million barrels of oil, and is the #1 revenue generator in the country.

Susan has applied this same Holistic Educo Business Model to her investment in XJet in Denver, a 7-star service private jet company that is continually ranked among the best and most elite in Private Aviation services. XJet was also granted the coveted license in the New Dubai Airport beating all the long established industry players and Xjet is rapidly expanding into the Europe including London, and into the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates.

Susan was most recently awarded the “AAPG Presidential Award for Exemplary Service” in recognition of her exceptional service to the geoscience profession and AAPG. These are just a few of the numerous acknowledgments and awards that Susan Morrice has received in recognition of her contributions world-wide.

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