Graham Provost

Senior managing Consultant
Schneider Electric

Graham Provost is the senior managing consultant for Simsci Simulation and Training, Industry Business with Schneider. He has 22 years of training, operations and maintenance experience, in­cluding 16 years of experience in training and instructional design in petroleum refining, chemical and power plants, and more. This includes 10 years in the Navy Nuclear Power Program as a supervi­sor, operator, and trainer, time in the cement and mining industry as an electrical maintenance manager and in waste energy as a shift supervisor. Provost has experi­ence in all facets of training curriculum design, develop­ment, and implementation for all types of training topics in various formats, including simulation and elearning. As a classroom instructor, he has presented numerous courses for operations, maintenance, and supervision, totaling thousands of hours of classroom presentation time. Provost is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Training program and has a B.S. in human re­source management from the Milano School of Man­agement and Urban Policy, New School University.

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