Cecilia Bilesio

Vice President
Tenaris Tamsa

Ms. Bilesio joined Tamsa in 1996 as Director of Corporate Affairs and was also named as Vicepresident of Tamsa A.C., a TenarisTamsa non-profit foundation that promotes a broad range of educational initiatives.

From Tamsa A.C., Ms. Bilesio developed key educational programs such as Schools of Excellence, Summer School and Afterschool. These programs set the basis for the social development activities of the Techint Group of Companies, Tenaris’ parent company.

At present she participates in the Competitiveness Chapter of the CEO Dialogue on the Workforce Development working groups, and she is also a board member of Worldfund, where she contributed to the development of the L.I.S.T.O. program, devoted to Principals training programs.

Since 2002, when Tenaris was listed on the NYSE, she assumed her current position as Corporate Secretary of the Tenaris Board of Directors.

Ms. Bilesio obtained a C.P.A. degree from University of Córdoba (Argentina) and an M.B.A. in Finance from Columbia University in New York.

Cecilia Bilesio will be speaking at:

Linking curricula to industry needs

2016/10/19 11:00 - 12:00

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