Carlos Ortiz

Director General of Research and technological development training HR

Carlos is responsible for the research agenda and training of human resources of the Energy Sector in Mexico. Prior to joining the Department of Energy, Carlos worked as a consultant in the development of energy strategy and urban development Cornfields Arroyo Seco in Los Angeles California, Hunters Point in San Francisco CA and several cogeneration projects in Mexico and the United States.Since 2009 Carlos has been involved with the Funds for Research and Technological Development of the Mexican Energy Sector giving consultancy agencies like Conacyt, Secretary of Energy, and collaborating with companies like Alliance Fiidem and Comimsa. In 2013 Carlos was appointed Director General of Information and Energy Studies SENER. In 2015 Carlos was appointed Director General of Research, Technological Development and Training of Human Resources, Ministry of Energy, a position he currently holds.Carlos is a Mechanical Engineer from the University of South Florida, and has studied Sustainability from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

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