Innovative methods for ELT (English Language Training)

13:30 - 14:30

Low English language levels can often be a barrier for training beyond basic level technician and operator roles. For mid-level roles and more advanced technical competencies, proficiency in English language is a prerequisite and is therefore posing a challenge for progression into more skilled roles.

Being the language of the industry, insufficient language skills can be a hazardous as signs, warnings and instructions are commonly provided in English.

This session explores how governments, industry and institutions are overcoming the challenge presented by exploring new and innovative provision of English Language Training.

SEP is eager to extend its international partnerships into new areas such as English Language training. Currently English language is optional and, as such, the curriculum design for the next generation will need to incorporate this as a necessity.

As an interindustry effort, the Mexican government has invested in English Universities in order to develop competent English speaking staff for oil and gas and the automotive industry.


Jim Sheegog, Owner, Rowhill Consulting Group

Location: Salón Bicentenario


  • Hector Arreola Coordinator General of Technological Universities and Polytechnics - SEP

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