Embedding a strong safety culture within the technical workforce

12:00 - 13:00

Although the oil and gas industry is an inherently hazardous sector, most work-related injuries are preventable. Safety needs to be at the heart of all operations and creating a culture of safety must be an integral part of any training. In the USA, fatality rates in the oil and gas industry are seven times higher than the average among other sectors. High Reliability Organisations carry a greater level of risk and there is a requirement for more rigorous and advanced safety training to ensure disasters like that of the Deepwater Horizon and Texas City Oil Refinery can be avoided.

Health and safety training will be a hugely important component in building local capacity across the Americas. HSE has not traditionally been well governed, but this is something that the industry is addressing through more rigorous competency programmes. This session will look at safety training as an integrated part of competency programmes and how companies are embedding a culture of safety within the workforce.

Invited Speakers:

Senior Representative, Pemex


Dave Masson, Former VP Upstream Development Growth, Business and Joint Ventures, Shell

Location: Salón Bicentenario

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