Linking curricula to industry needs

11:00 - 12:00

In order to ensure that graduates leave the universities and polytechnic colleges with relevant skills and qualifications for working in oil and gas, the industry must play a role in deciding the courses and curricula taught within the academic institution.

It is imperative that academic institutions maintain an active relationship with potential employers. The courses taught needs to reflect an industry in constant technological development.

Although it would be impractical to implement curriculum change too often, the academic institutions must be aware of the rate at which the industry is developing new technologies and new methods of exploration, production and refining.This session will look at the importance of acting in cluster or working groups. We will explore case studies from the likes of Tenaris Tamsa.


Dave Masson, Former VP Upstream Development Growth, Business and Joint Ventures, Shell

Location: Patio de la Auntonomía

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