Transforming the economic potential of oil and gas in Latin America through localisation, education and training

Getenergy Latin America, 5-6th October 2017, Barranquilla, Colombia

2016 marked the signing of the FARC Peace Agreement in Colombia, providing a rich opportunity to develop international partnerships and investment from across the world. As Ecopetrol looks to increase production by 2020, we will see additional licensing rounds and steps to liberalise the market. Under this new agreement, ANH will assign new blocks and open doors to new investors for the Colombian market.

Getenergy’s 5th edition Americas event, will launch Getenergy Latin America, expanding into new countries such as Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Belize, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago whilst building upon our established relationships in Colombia and Mexico.

The Latin American Oil & Gas Community is actively seeking to engage with international partners. Universities have identified the need for the transfer of learning and knowledge and teacher exchange programmes and oil & gas companies are committed to retraining the existing workforce and developing new local skills.  A national strategy will be necessary to integrate all the players in the value chain and to optimise existing and newly discovered reserves for the benefit of the country.

Getenergy Latin America discussions will focus on:

  • Improving local workforce and supply chain capacity
  • Strategies to maximise the economic potential of hydrocarbons for national development in the region
  • Examples of regional success in a longer term low price environment
  • How industry leaders can successfully transfer their skills and knowledge to new generations
  • How to work closely with local communities
  • How to close the gap between education and training in the O&G industry


Identifying the current opportunities to localise the oil and gas industry in Mexico and create better alignment between industry and education

Getenergy Mexico,  9th October 2017, Palacio de Minería, Ciudad de México

Identifying the current opportunities to localise the oil and gas industry in Mexico and create better alignment between industry and education

Getenergy is delighted to return to Mexico at the beautiful Palacio de Mineria in Mexico City where our workshop will continue to drive discussions between the government, operators and academia on how to meet urgent local content and workforce demands as the Energy Reform evolves. Three years on from the momentous Energy Reform, SENER has been progressively changing the industry and implementing international standards through partnership agreements.

Our third edition in Getenergy Mexico will be an opportunity to finalise those partnerships and agreements under current leadership .

We will also reveal new education and training opportunities and further your understanding of future market trends ahead of the upcoming bid rounds.

In this workshop purely focused on Mexico, we will:

  • Share successful case studies on how education and industry can work together to raise the level of talent in Mexico
  • Hear from the companies and institutions that have been successful in establishing international partnerships to strengthen local content and the transfer of knowledge and skills to Mexico over the last 3 years
  • Showcase the opportunities generated through the Energy Reform
  • Exemplify how, and which, other countries can help Mexico to continue raising international standards
  • Discuss how universities and industry can better align themselves in order to develop a better economy as well as in-country value


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